LED illuminated dog collar - don't lose sight of your dog in the dark anymore

  • $17.99

Especially during winter it gets dark early. Did you ever walk your dog and suddenly wondered where your dog is? This LED illuminated collar will make it so much easier spotting your dog - not only for you, but also for other cars, bikes and so on! Never lose sight of your pet again, make walking your dog much safer!

The collar is made of nylon and it can be charged very easily via USB. It is 0.98 in wide and can be ordered in the following sizes:


Length (adjustable)


13.8 in - 16.9 in


15.8 in - 18.9 in


17.7 in - 20.5 in


20.5 in - 23.6 in


Shipping takes 12-20 days.

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